What a Fun Filled Circus Weekend!

03/06/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
What a Fun Filled Circus Weekend!

I wish all weekends were like the one I just had. What a fun filled circus weekend. Happy days!

Open Aerial Session

The fun started Friday with an open aerial session near me with the fabulous Erica Jade Murdock. This is one of my favourite sessions as rope, silks and hoops. I usually learn new moves but I was working on a routine.

River Festival

On Saturday, I took my kiddies to the River Festival in Liverpool. We started the day at the Anglican Cathedral to see the massive globe of the earth suspended in the ceiling space. There was also the summer arts market which I absolutely love. There are lots of local craft sellers and I loved looking at new art and ideas for my own hobby. The kiddies bought a coaster each.

Earth globe suspended from ceiling at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.
Earth globe suspended from ceiling at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

River Festival Circus

We then went down to the docks as we knew something was going on for the festival and there was going to be circus acts. It turned out there was lots on! We saw some bands, a few stalls, and most importantly, lots of circus! It was mainly stationary circus with a few mobile acts.

Citrus Arts was a theatrical 40 minute performance. It was amazing with trapeze, juggling, movement, contact juggling, acro-balance, and a cool rope performance. Lots of surprises and it wasn’t predictable. It was thought provoking about the creative process along with safety in the aerial arts. (How can they build a set like that? So its transportable and can be used for aerial? Very impressive!) It was so good we were happy to sit in the cold.

Citrus Arts. Amazing shipwreck for aerial circus story telling.
Amazing shipwreck for aerial circus story telling. @citrusarts

We also saw @georgeorangemac2 who ended his comedy routine doing acro-balance and slack line walking on his moon. He was a bit limited to what he could do as it was very wet at this point. He made me laugh, especially when my husband had to help him squeeze through a hoop.

George Orange Man on the Moon Act. George is walking on a very thin rope held up by children.
George Orange – Man on the Moon
Walking on a thin rope just held by children.

We also saw a massive bird cage with an aerial hoop performing canary, plus two cats. Was so cute and really funny.

We had such a lovely day out. The festival was on the next day too but we already had plans so didn’t go. Also, not being into football, I hadn’t realised how packed it would be; so I was glad we went on the Saturday.

Zippo’s Circus

On Sunday we went to the lunchtime showing of Zippo’s Circus at New Brighton. So many amazing acts, I’ll have to do another post as there is so much to say. Lots of aerial at a high standard! Check out their act photos on their website.

My Own Aerial Performance (not so fun filled circus)

I’m not a performer and never will be. Each time I do it, I say I’ll never do it again. However, here I was again doing a routine on the rope! It was a student showcase @jdaerialfitnessacademy. It was supposed to be Disney themed so I decided to be a mermaid to the song ‘Down to the Sea’ by Tim Booth (from James.) The performance went ok – not bad considering my legs were shaking and I was extremely nervous. Never again! (Until the next time.)

So what a fun filled circus weekend. We all had so much fun. Got lots of inspiration.