Using Rings to Improve Aerial Performance

29/05/2019 Off By Livi Parkins
Using Rings to Improve Aerial Performance

My other half has started doing a rings program with GMB Fitness. Ages ago I subscribed to their mailing list a while ago so I was aware of the services they provide. So I am now using rings to improve aerial performance.

Don't die without exploring what your body is truly capable of. Computer damage to your body.
Don’t die without exploring what your body is truly capable of

So Ben decided to go for the easier rings course to start off with as he hasn’t been to they gym for three weeks. (Long uninteresting story why so I won’t bother going into it.)

So he has a warm up, session and cool down three to four times a week with this program. He made such noises doing it, the cat got scared. 🙂 After a few days I decided I wanted to have a go.

Ben is a really good trainer and was able to show me the moves I needed to do including the correct body position. I have to say it was challenging and the day after I wasn’t able to do my usual one pull up. However, I have completed two sessions now. I can feel the changes in the way that I can feel different muscles hurting the next day. When I say hurting, I mean in a good way and not argh I can’t move.

I’m hoping to continue with this GMB programme. It helps having someone remind me that I need to do it and that it doesn’t take too long to do. Also we have rings available at home so can do it at a time to suit. I would really like to be able to replicate the picture below.

One armed pull up with pike holding a cup of coffee
One armed pull up with pike

I’m still continuing with my core strength exercises and aware that I should do more. I’m hopeful that my motivation continues and by using the rings will help me improve aerial performance and do some cool straps moves. I’ve not done much straps but only because I physically can’t.