This is me

23/05/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
This is me

To quote from a recent famous circus song, ‘this is me’. My life has undergone some major changes recently, both good as well as bad. I’ve come out very positive and hopeful for the future. Life is a journey and I know it will be an uphill journey, but it is on the up as well. Does that make sense?

So anyway, after last week’s mental health awareness I have taken stock of matters and readjusted my outlook. I now have a healthy mental attitude and have set some achievable goals for the near future.

Upcoming Performance

I have said that I will do an aerial rope performance on the 2nd June at However, the time has flown away and it is now less than two week. I’m going to have to get my finger out to get a super routine sorted.

The theme for the show is Disney. As an emo/goth/anti Disney person, it has been hard to find a suitable tune. I’ve had my thinking hat on and thought outside of the box. My favourite band is ‘James’ so on the fan group I asked for suggestions and they came up with lots of ideas. Lots of song titles can be related to Disney apparently. I wouldn’t know as I have only seen a couple of films.

As I have been working a lot on the rope recently, I said I would do a piece on corde lisse. I will be needing my aerial boots for all the hardcore training I am going to do over the next week. Does anyone else get their ankle rubbed raw?

I will let you know how it goes! Please keep your fingers crossed for me. Whatever happens, this is me. I will do my best and that is all I can do.

JD Aerial Hoop, Lyra. This is me.
This is me, JD Aerial Fitness

Let me know of any upcoming circus shows. I need to see more circus!