Circus Venues Everywhere – Even in Church!

20/05/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
Circus Venues Everywhere – Even in Church!

There are circus venues everywhere! I’ve just read an article on the internet about how a church had a circus event in it. I think it is great how diverse communities are combining and acceptance of all beliefs are growing.

The event was in Hampshire and performed by @cirquedesilk. I’ve just had a look at there Facebook page and they look great. The photo below is from the local newspapers website. It looks like it would be a gorgeous venue for a photo shoot.

Lyra and silks in church
Circus in Church

The family fun day raised over £5000 for improvements. The original article can be found at

I have been to a circus in Sheffield called Greentop Circus which is based in a church that is now just a circus venue. (Circus venues everywhere!) It has an amazing set up with high ceilings including space for swinging trapeze. This has got to be one of my favourite venues. Although as I was walking in for my first (and only) swinging trapeze session, my husband commented how handy it was to have a graveyard as I’m a bit clumsy.

I would love to hear about where your normal circus venue is. Please contact me with photos or stories.