The Creation of Aerial Gaiters

24/06/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
The Creation of Aerial Gaiters

Okay so I have been asked by my social media manager to write a blog post about the creation of aerial gaiters.

I am not very good at this sort of thing, but somehow, I didn’t think saying “Magic!” was going to cut it! …. Geddit… CUT it… Bah. Never mind.

Okay so first and foremost one of the Aerialists in the Lofty Aerial World will fly down and ask me to protect their legs from almost certain doom. (Believe me, I have seen the sorts of nasty burns the girls (and guys) can get. Let’s just say its not a good day for them when they have to keep buggering on as normal.


So I have to get a few measurements, for calf gaiters I just need the arch ankle and calf measurements from them and then it’s on to my leather racks!!

Gaiter Design

Here I choose the perfect leather or suede for the aerialists.

Sometimes its easy and they just want black leather or vinyl but some want some crazy colours and awesome designs and we always manage to accommodate. Something I am particularly proud of! Most are in my shop.

Spaceman design on leather
Spaceman Detail Process

More photos can be seen here on the Aerial Boots Instagram page.

So when we have the measurements and the leather we then have to adjust my patterns to the measurements this involves a bit of maths and it hurts my head sometimes.

After doing the hard measuring I then get the pattern marked out onto the leather. My top tip for marking out on leather if you are making your own gaiters would be to use a chalk marker. This will wash off easily and give you a great line to follow rather than a murky one. I also use a rotary blade instead of scissors, they take a bit of getting used to but once you do you are flying. Geddit….. FLYING… Heh.

Excuse my lame puns, I don’t get out much.

Sooo yeah I’m now at the stage when I am parring the edges and dying them neatening them etc whichever the particular boot pattern I’m doing calls for.

Aerial Boot Construction

The pattern is glued together using leather cement and then sewn. We use special leather machines and needles to sew the leather as it is too heavy and thick for standard machines and needles. I imported my machine from America and I absolutely love it. I’m using the Janome HD3000 alongside an old Singer machine. I usually use different machines for different stitches so I can keep them set to that stitch.

Finishing Touches

So we almost have a full gaiter now, it’s just the eyeletting and the elastic left to do. I normally leave the elastic till the VERY end so that I don’t get it dirty whilst I am using the tools to punch in the eyelets!

Any Questions?

There you go! If you have any questions or want to know more about the creation of aerial gaiters, please drop a comment below.

Red suede aerial gaiter
Beautiful Gaiter