Thank You and Goodbye

23/08/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
Thank You and Goodbye

I would like to say thank you and goodbye. It is with great sadness that I have to write this blog post. The owner, Danielle, (also known as Mrs Aerial Boots) has decided to take over producing her own social media content.

I have really enjoyed the last three months. It means I have had an excuse to go to circus things and I feel my alter ego of Francesca Spencer is coming out of her performance shell. I love my new hashtage of #aerialpotato.

Even being a aerial potato, I think it has helped a lot with my teaching work as I know how hard it is especially coming to circus later in life from a non gymnastic or sports background.

I would like to wish Mrs Aerial Boots the best of luck for her future. One day I hope to be able to purchase some Zendaya replica boots as I think they are gorgeous.

Please feel free to ‘like’ or contact me via my Francesca Spencer Facebook page if you want to hear what I have been up to. I will be setting up my own website soon.

Thank you and goodbye!


Aerial Boots on Lyra