Teaching Aerial Circus

23/08/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
Teaching Aerial Circus

I have been teaching aerial circus on 7 afternoons over the last few weeks at a holiday scheme at the Black-e in Liverpool. The Black-e was built in 1840 and is now used for community and art events.

All children aged under 16 were welcomed but parents had to stay with those under 5. Children had a choice of circus, arts and crafts or games in the afternoons; they could choose what they wanted to do and come and go in the sessions as they pleased.

Circus Room

The circus room was in a massive exhibition/theatre type room with really high ceilings. There was a fabulous selection of ground circus toys including stilts, unicycles, pedalos, spinning plates, flower sticks, poi, juggling balls and clubs.

Another adult teaching was aerial circus with me and another member of staff helped supervise the children. There was a rota between four aerial teachers, so I worked with different people. All the staff were lovely and welcoming.

Circus Sessions

The sessions usually started with games and a warm up. Then the children could chose what they wanted to do from silks, lyra and ground based skills. Some children stayed with the same piece of equipment and some alternated.

I taught aerial lyra for all of the sessions. It was about 80cm and rigged quite low. This worked well as all children managed to do something on it. Obviously it was too big for some, and really too small for others but it gave everyone the best chance of working with it.

My Proudest Moment Teaching Aerial Circus

All the children improved the more times they had a go – some had done it before but all learnt new things and I was amazed at how brave and bendy they were. I was so chuffed with all the progress!

Some children in the first session couldn’t get on the hoop and wouldn’t let go. As their confidence and knowledge increased, they were brave and tried more things.

On the last day of each week, the children performed a few moves for the parents to see. I was probably more proud of the children than the parents were as I had been through the journey with them.

Aerial Silks
Circus silks in a large room
Black-E Circus Space