My Pretty Legs

20/06/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
My Pretty Legs

Exciting news! Stop Press. Sale. June 2019! I think Danielle felt sorry for the nation. She saw my pretty legs and wanted to prevent it happening again.

Yes that’s right, this very boutique will be having a sale. It runs from the 21st June until end of play on the 30th June 2019.

Exhibit one shows how bad the bruises can be if you just wear leggings. So I can personally recommend (unless you want my pretty legs) that boots can help reduce unsightly legs for the summer season. However, if the wet weather continues as it is, you could always use Wellington boots to cover up bruised feet and legs like these.

Bruised feet and shins or an aerialist. 
Exhibit one.
Exhibit 1

Our shop on Etsy is here.

Or alternatively, our gaiters are sold on this website itself.

There is something to suit everyone. There are lots of material and colour options. Boots are sturdy to withstand lots of rehearsals but pretty performance boots are available too.

Details are found on each listing about the suitability of each design and material. I personally prefer the vegan versions but loved the look of the metallic purple leather.

Do you need more information? Do you have questions? Please contact Danielle via the contact/message buttons. She is very helpful and can advise you further.

Not sure what they look like? Please look at my blog post from earlier this week with Claire sending photos of her wearing her boots. If you have purchased any from our site, it would be fantastic if you could send in photos of you wearing them. Also, if you could write a review or something for the website that would be much appreciated.

Stop Press. Sale. June 2019!