Suede Aerial Boots for Men with Choice of Colours


Our male gaiters are shaped for the wider male foot. Please refer to the size chart and measuring guide for help with choosing sizes.There is a custom sized option if you don’t quite fit in the chart.


You can choose whether to have short or full length boots.   The short boots come to about 3″ above the ankle and the long boots come up to just below the knee.


If there are any problems we do accept returns within 7 days in UK and 14 days from the rest of the world.

Our Aerial Boots provide comfort and protection, leaving you totally free to concentrate on the important activities, like learning that new hang.

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  • We use local suppliers and choose our hides especially for aerial boots.   We carefully choose the most appropriate part of the hide for each pattern piece.

  • We use Rotproof Silk threads on all of our boots

  • Rust-proof eyelets, that are sure to last as long as your gaiters do.

  • We use 3″ sports grade elastic to mould the gaiter to your exact arch shape.



Gaiters are an excellent form of ankle and calf support whilst doing aerial acrobatics, rope, hoops, silks & trapeze. They will keep your legs and feet free from scrapes and burns for a more  comfort during your training or performance.