Purple Iridescent | Metallic Glitter Leather


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Our boots are the original and most stylish boots on the market and that is why they are chosen by professional aerialists. We provided the authentic victorian custom boots made for Zendaya to wear  in  The Greatest Showman.

The Injuries that you can get from aerial work can be a thing of the past.

Our range of gaiters will protect your feet and legs from the scrapes and bruises you thought were just a natural part of aerial work!

  • Our hides all come from local suppliers and are chosen especially with aerial boots in mind.  We carefully choose the most appropriate part of the hide for each pattern piece.

  • This means that we can make sure the right thicknesses to give both greatest comfort and greatest protection, leaving you totally free to concentrate on the important activities, like learning that new hang.

  • Our boots come with triple stitched seams. We use rotproof threads –    they are the best threads to use for shoes and leather it has high seam strength and stitch formation.

  • We have an ergonomically designed lacing system that provides a secure tight fit around the leg, whilst remaining comfortable to wear.

  • Our boots feature rust-proof eyelets, that are sure to last as long as your gaiters do.

  • We use 3″ sports grade elastic to mould the gaiter to your exact arch shape.