Women’s Suede Protective Boots for Aerial, Dance, Yoga and Performances One Size

Suede Aerial Trapeze Training Boots

Aerial boots are the original and most stylish boots on the market. That is why they are chosen by professional aerialists.

We designed and produced all of the custom boots for Zendaya, and the other aerialists, in  The Greatest Showman.

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Our gaiters cover the ankle and shins.

They are elasticated round the foot, and then have a tongue attached to one side, going inside the boot to protect the leg when you lace them up.

With our gaiter the scrapes you have now can be a thing of the past.

Our range of gaiters will protect your feet and legs from the scrapes and bruises you thought were just a natural part of aerial work!

These boots are made from is thick suede, so provides a great amount of protection.

The boots are shorter to keep them from being rigid, there is a photo of the gaiter on my foot, normally and flexed.

I have these colours :
Burnt Orange

I think these are just as protective possibly more so than the other leather and suede boots that we stock.

Once the suede is gone, it’s gone.

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Green, Mauve, Mustard Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red Wine, Tan