Custom Designed Gaiters – Made to your Measurements


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Gaiters are an excellent form of ankle and calf support whilst doing aerial acrobatics, hoops, silks & trapeze. They keep legs and feet free from scrapes and burns and ensure comfort during your training or performance.

Please view my other listings for ready made gaiters in leather or suede for a variety of sizes. This listing is for people looking for custom gaiters.

If you are good at photoshop, I can send you a blank image of gaiters to design on, or i can do a mock up based on your description, as the image above showed, A customer wanted a wing motif we tried a few and settled on the one above, she asked for it in baby blue and with a red heart in the center and we worked together to design the perfect gaiters.

I am quick to respond and the price includes any extra leather and materials I will need to buy to make the perfect gaiters for you. Custom made gaiters take a lot more time then the standard gaiters and they will be ready in 3 weeks from ordering, as long as the materials (if any are needed) can be ordered within a week, you will be aware of this every step of the way.

Challenge me to make your dream gaiters !