National Vegetarian Week

17/05/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
National Vegetarian Week

From 13th May to 17th May, it’s National Vegetarian week. This is one week I definitely want to celebrate (in conjunction with doughnut week obviously.) These days, people are more aware about what they are eating and the effects on the planet.

Now you may be wondering why this is worth mentioning, well in my limited experience, a large proportion of aerialists tend to be vegetarian or vegan. A fabulous straps master called Pete Sunday has set up a really great website for clothes for all type of aerial circus.

Not only are the slogans and designs great, but the clothing is ethical too. The clothes are 100% vegan friendly, organic and toxin free.

For those that wish to advertise both ways of life, you can buy a t-shirt with it on. I think this is really cool. Check this out!

Vegan Aerialist T-shirt
Circus and Ethical T-shirt

If you are interested in circus clothes, the website is . There are lots of other circus related items! But as it is National Vegetarian week, these two are definitely worth showing.

Plant Powered Womens Tank National Vegetarian Week
National Vegetarian Week