Muscles by Murdock

25/06/2019 2 By Livi Parkins
Muscles by Murdock

I had been going to Freefall circus in Liverpool before I heard about Muscles by Murdock in Birkenhead which is nearer to me. AS I’m into aerial in a BIG way I always kept an eye out on what was available.

It can be difficult to fit in extra sessions to fit in with my normal circus as well as juggling the kiddies but then Erica started doing open sessions on a Friday night which I could go to.

Aerial Open Sessions

The open sessions costs £5 and runs from 7.45pm until 10pm. Equipment available to use is usually hoop, rope, silks and hammock. We often take our poi as well. The sessions are in Crossfit Wirral so there is plenty of room (and some bars to do horrible warm ups on). We usually all have a good natter and it is a great skill share session.

There are family friendly open sessions on a Sunday and my daughter complains about the pain after the warm ups. Strength and conditioning is a major part of the warm up! Ouch! It is lovely to have time as a family.
Check her out here!

Muscles by Murdock

Erica also does personal fitness, private sessions, small group sessions as well as group classes. I’ve been to the odd hoop class and it has been brilliant. Erica is always there on time, set up and with a smile on her face. The lessons are structured with a progression plan. Everyone was friendly and supportive and I really enjoyed it.

Last year I took part in Erica’s abs six week training plan. She set me exercises, reminded me daily, gave tips and advice. I wish I kept it up as I need motivation and a kick up the bum. I found it was very helpful and improved my aerial circus so that should be motivation enough! (But it isn’t)

Erica is an amazing teacher but she also performs – aerial and also fire, stilts etc. I’d definitely recommend her classes.

Photographs of Erica Murdock

Foot hang on lyra
Feet hang on hoop
Amazing move on the hoop
Muscles by Murdock
Skin the cat on hoop
Skin the Cat
Muscles by Murdock

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