National Doughnut Week 2019

12/05/2019 Off By Livi Parkins

More circus means I can eat more cake. What better excuse than National Doughnut week! Never heard of it? Me neither but cake is my favourite food.

For more info check out This week initiated by The Children’s Trust. So in all seriousness, this means that awareness and funds are raised for this children’s brain injury charity.

Phil Tuffnel, The Children’s’ Trust ambassador said ‘I do hope that bakers, coffee shops and the public will get behind this year’s National Doughnut Week and help to raise as much money as possible for a very special charity.’

Doughnuts are so yummy. I was partial to a caramel custard doughnut but you can’t beat a jam one. But then again ring ones and iced ones are so good as well. Anyway, the Co-op ones are the best! Their baked jam and ring doughnuts are vegan. Can eat cake guilt free this week!

More circus means I can eat more cake! For all the extra circus, remember your boots. #circusmeansmorecake #trapezeboots #circuseverydamday More circus means I can eat more cake