Lynsey Wyatt – Ran Away to Join The Circus!

29/03/2019 Off By The Team
Lynsey Wyatt – Ran Away to Join The Circus!

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus?

This is Lynsey Wyatt who went to the Dominican Republic when she was 16 years old, to do just that!

Whilst there, Lynsey studied a variety of circus arts. She mastered flying trapeze, partner acrobatics but discovered that her passion lies in performing with aerial silks.

Wyatt was interviewed by Caitlain Francais for and asked if learning aerial arts can be intimidating to new starters?

From our experience this can be a real worry for people who are wanting to try but afraid to take the first step.

Wyatt explains how her “ground-up” curriculum can enable new aerialists to learn at their own pace and gain the basic core movements.

She has worked hard on making the silks an approachable apparatus and concentrated on a teaching style suitable for beginners.