Improvement in Performance Nerves – I Performed Again!

05/07/2019 2 By Livi Parkins
Improvement in Performance Nerves – I Performed Again!

I performed again! I performed Sunday night at the opening of JD Aerial Liverpool. Yep. I know I didn’t enjoy it last time (as mentioned in a previous blog), but I’d already said I would do it.

About four weeks ago, I performed at the summer show at the Birkenhead so I used a lot of the same routine. I’d been on the Thursday before to see the venue and have a quick practice. I was glad I had as I had to change the routine as the ceilings were higher meaning there was less rope on the floor to work with. It made it easier as the ceilings were at a height I was used to.

My kiddies came to the rehearsal and said that what I did was good but they could see my legs shaking. I was unbelievably nervous! Don’t know why as there wasn’t many people there. So Sunday afternoon I didn’t want to do it.

Positive Mental Attitude

My solution was to think positively, relax into the music, practice with floor aerial at home and imagine how I’d like it to go. I thought about the advice that my aerial teacher had given me after the last performance. Also, the people there were supporting friends and family, not there to heckle if it went wrong. In the end it went better than I expected – apart from when I went into the first invert and I had the rope the wrong side. Doh!

If you fancy having a look, the video is here on YouTube. Unfortunately with the video angle you can’t see my favourite move where I am just hanging on with my hocks.

In the end I was pleased with the result. I was surprised I performed again! Some bits could have gone better but the fact that my legs weren’t visibly shaking was a massive bonus. Definitely relieved when it was over though.

All the other performers, teachers and audience were lovely and supportive. A massive thank you to everyone who was there!

Aerial Circus - Windmill
Corde Lisse – Windmill
Rope - Circus Pose
Rope Pose