Performance Nerves

28/06/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
Performance Nerves

As usual, after my last performance, I said I’d never do it again due to the immense performance nerves I experienced. I really don’t know why I got so nervous?

So what have I gone and done? Well, I will be performing on Sunday at the opening of JD Aerial Liverpool. I had said I would do it before the last performance but hadn’t realised how I would feel.

Basically I’m doing the same performance routine as last time but have made a few changes. I’m quite excited as the ceiling height should be good which will make the routine a lot easier and flow better.

One of my aerial teachers at Freefall gave me some really good advice. We had a chat about how I had done and felt. He said you have to let the audience in. Think about what you want them to see and enjoy the performance.

I’ve had a few extra practices at Muscles by Murdock’s open sessions. I still can’t do a neck hang in the air. I can only do it from the floor but I’m still hoping I can learn it in time. Also I have found that my ability varies depending on the type of rope I am on.

Neck hang on rope
Neck hang on rope

The photo below is of one of the moves in the routine called sundial. I was impressed I could let go and grab the rope above my head. I feel more confident in this move than when I last performed it. However, this rope was thicker and newer so less had more grip. On the plus side, my foot is nearer my head than I imagined. I would love my foot to touch my head!

Sundial on rope
Sundial on Corde Lisse

Fingers crossed I don’t get the same performance nerves! I’ll let you know how it goes.