My Circus Ambitions

27/05/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
My Circus Ambitions

I’ve been thinking about my circus ambitions. My circus journey has been about 5 years so far and I’ve come a long way. Not as far as I would like but my improvement has been immense.

When I started, I couldn’t touch my toes and I’d never done anything sporty or gym like. It took me three months to learn how to climb the silks. Splits are still a dream.

My aims this year are to get splits, better straddle, long arm straddle up and long armed beats. It would be nice not to get nervous and be able to perform how I see it happening in my mind. Although, I get nervous just in practice doing the routine. Don’t know why though.

Floor Aerial

As mentioned previously, I’m working towards a show this weekend. My routine seems to be in the bag now. Has taken a few floor aerial sessions. My little girl helps by standing on the sofa with a scarf so I can practice floor aerial. This helps by working out linking moves and finding where the rope will end up.

Child helping wit floor aerial by holding a scarf.
My child helping with floor aerial

Unfortunately I had a session cancelled yesterday and tomorrows session has been cancelled too, so hopefully I can perfect my routine Thursday. I’ll have to practice more floor aerial.

I’ve videoed some of the combinations today which will help with timings. However, if I get nervous on the night, I may go fast or I won’t be able to get a grip with my feet and things will go slower.

Rope Coverings

Today I went to the show venue so I could practice in the leggings I was planning on wearing. I’m glad I did as they have a smooth covered rope – I’m used to rough uncovered rope or a medium covered rope.

So I found that I kept slipping and had to roll up my leggings to hold on. With a bit of rosin on the back of my knees I was able to mast a hocks hang with no hands and no lock. Thanks to @Freefall for teaching me this move (and the massive bruises on the backs of my knees).

I only did an hour practice but it was a good workout. Am feeling tentative but hopeful for the show. Hopefully this will help towards my circus ambitions. Fingers crossed my costume comes in time! May even bling up my boots to match!