Section 4 | The Custom Boot Guide

Section 4   |   The Custom Boot Guide

Some people are put off by the custom-boot process because they are not sure what it entails, so this little walk-through takes you through the stages and gives a time estimate.

Please bear in mind, each custom order is different.
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Custom Boots

A custom sizing takes no more than 10 working days.

Printing a photograph onto a pair of gaiters (yes it can be done!), or making a pair of tree gaiters with indiviually hand stitch leaves, or making thigh length pvc gaiters for a show would take a bit longer.

Each job takes a different amounts of time, if you contact us about a job with as many details as possible, we can give you a realistic time frame.

We can make any boot or armbrace or accessory that you require for your aerial performance or production.

We can source material in any shade or colour you require and also create designs from scratch with your costume ideas.

Custom Size Walkthrough

  • Custom sized boots are much the same as standard boots – Just take a little longer.

  • You just click the custom sized option under sizing and fill in your details then checkout!

  • We will make your boots to your measurements and it takes up to 10 working days to dispatch.

Custom Design Walkthrough


  • Stage 1  The process usually starts with a discussion on the performance and costume until a decision on materials, quote and design is mutually agreed on.
  • Stage 2  We will ask you to send measurements in order for us to make a pattern to your specifications.**
  • Stage 3  We will cut and assemble your custom piece and send pictures to ensure everyone is happy.
  • Stage 4  We will then stitch – edge and finish your products.
  • Stage 5  We will add your custom package extras and ship your product to you anywhere in the world.
  • Stage 6  Is a Follow up to ensure you are happy with your gaiters and that everything is in order.

This is usually the longest part.

If you already have a clear idea of what you want in terms of design (drawings are great!) and material we can start straight away after payment and measurements are received.


The total process should take no more than 14 working days when we have designs, measurements and payment. (This is a rough estimate bigger jobs or multiples will be discussed in stage 1.

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