Section 3 | Sizes and Measuring

Help With Sizing

This page will show you where to measure and allow you to work out your own size, with the help of our handy aerial boot specific size chart.


You will need to take 3 measurements, before you use the chart, to work out what size you are.

The image can be used to demonstrate where to measure.

  1. Make sure you are standing on your leg, and the muscle is tensed.
  2. Using a soft tape measure, wrap around your leg/feet at the points shown above. (if you only have hard rulers or tape measures – use a bit of string and then measure the string.)
  3. Use the measurement where the tape joins as it circles your leg.
  4. Make sure you are measuring in CM
  5. Note down measurements.

We have created a size chart based on many, many aerialist’s feet in order to be able to bring you our range of “select-size” gaiters.

aerial boots size chart
Use this size chart to work out what size you are.

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