Section 2 | Materials and Best Uses

We use leather, suede, vinyl and sometimes PVC vinyl to make our boots

this is a video explaining the differences between suede and leather


Suede Boots are a great all round boot for most aerial activity and even pole, this is because they provide a certain amount of grip.

suede boots are very versatile. The only downside to them is that they get the ‘worn’ look quicker than leather boots.

This is because they are difficult to keep clean and you cannot wipe them as you do with leather boots.

Some tips to keep your suede boots looking great can be found in section 6

Suede boots are favored by some artists because they feel nice and cool with the leather side being against the skin.


Leather boots are very popular with aerial artists, mainly because aesthetically they keep looking nice for a long time, they are easier to maintain and can be polished and wiped, the shiny surface reflects during performances.

They can be slippery, on Hoop and Trapeze.  They are more recommended for aerial silks, rope, chains, where the surface is providing friction also.

vegan friendly vinyls


Vinyl boots do not give as much protection as suede or leather boots.

you can make up for this by getting thicker vinyl but the thicker the vinyl the less movement and ‘give’ it has when being worn.

We have found some marine vinyl that is the most suitable we have found for boots and these can be made on request.