Section 1 | Gaiter Styles and Lengths

Some Boots will work better for some disciplines.
In this section, we will go through the different lengths available, and which things they may be good for.
Of course this is all personal preference and if you’ve had a different experience, then let us know in the comments!

Short Boots

Short boots are excellent all round boots. They are a good choice if you are unsure of which type of boots you will need because short boots are suitable for all types of aerial work

They can help to make tricks less painful and more graceful.

They are cooler than long boots, can sometimes provide a more comfortable performance, this is because they are not covering the whole leg. They are quick to lace up, and they can also be made in ankle length if needed.

They are quicker to lace up, and they can also be made in ankle length if needed.

Short boots protect the foot and ankle from injuries, nerve damage and callouses caused by constant aerial work can do permanent damage to feet and hurt unnecessarily.

Long Boots

Full-length boots are excellent for full leg coverage and protection. They come right up to the back of the knee and  protect against injuries like the one’s pictured.

Static Trapeze, and Aerial Hoop artists, can particularly benefit from full-length boots. this is because the fleshy parts of the calves are constantly being used.

The other added benefit to these length of gaiters is that they help hock hangs on trapeze due to creating a resistant tridge at the back of the knee.

Long boots can take a little bit of time to lace up, although, the lacing session provides a good warm-up. To try and make this easier for customers, I am developing designs that will hopefully make the process a lot easier, I hope to have some new designs in the shop this year.


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