Choosing The Right Aerial Gaiters For You.



It is no secret that aerial work hurts! Bruises can arise in places that you never thought possible.

Aerial Boots are also known as 'gaiters', they provide protection to the foot and ankle during training and performance. Depending on the length of gaiter, they can also protect right up to the bottom of the knee.

Prevention is always better than cure - so if you are considering starting aerial activities, it would be wise to purchase gaiters before you do any possibly lasting nerve damage to the foot.

If you are a seasoned aerialist, you will be able to use your knowledge to purchase the best gaiters for your needs. 


Short or "Full-Calf" Aerial Trapeze Boots

Short boots are excellent all round boots. They are a good choice if you are unsure of which type of boots you will need because short boots are suitable for all types of aerial work. They can help to make tricks less painful and more graceful.  They also have the added benefit of being cooler than long boots, for a more comfortable performance, this is because they are not covering the whole leg. They are quick to lace up, and they can also be made in ankle length if needed.

Short boots protect the foot and ankle from injuries such as the ones pictured here. Injuries like this may seem"part-of-it" but the nerve damage and callouses caused by constant aerial work can do permanent damage to feet and hurt unnecessarily. 



Ankle Boots

Ankle boots or Half Calf boots are perfect if you are looking to protect just the foot area.

They are easy to lace up and are super comfortable to wear.

Aerial Boots protect against nerve damage and callouses caused by constant aerial work can do permanent damage to feet and hurt unecessarily. 

ankle trapeze boot


Full Length Knee Trapeze Boots

 Full-length boots are excellent for full leg coverage and protection. They come right up to the back of the knee and  protect against injuries like the one's pictured. Static Trapeze an Aerial Hoop artists can particularly benefit from full-length boots as the fleshy parts of the calf are constantly being used. 

The other added benefit to these length of gaiters is that they help hock hangs on trapeze due to creating a resistant tridge at the back of the knee.

Long boots can take a little bit of time to lace up, although, the lacing session provides a good warm-up. To try and make this easier for customers, I am developing designs that will hopefully make the process a lot easier, I hope to have some new designs in the shop this year.


full length black trapeze gaiters


Suede Aerial Boots

 Suede Boots are a great all round boot for most aerial activity and even pole, this is because they provide a certain amount of grip.  They are a very versatile boot, the only downside is that, because they are suede they cannot be wiped and can get the 'worn' look quicker than leather boots. 

The Suede boots are favored by some artists because they feel nice and cool with the leather side being against the skin.

Vegan Friendly Aerial Boots

vegan aerial boots

UPDATE (March 2017)

I have made AWESOME vegan boots now! If you hold them with a pair of leather boots they are as weighty and as sturdy! I use denim, fully lined in cotton or softer denim, and then use PVC fake leather as inserts - they are sewn inside the boot so you can't see them but they give the strength and stability to the boot. I am really pleased with them!!! 

I have made vegan-friendly boots in both PVC and PU Leather, The PVC boots look amazing and there are a lot of different materials that can be used. They are great for show boots, but offer little in the way of protection, I only use PVC for embellishments and one-off show pieces.

PU Leather is a good alternative to leather if you avoid it for ethical reasons but the backing is not as comfortable as the leather boots, unfortunately. I hope to have lined PU leather boots available next year. 





Leather Aerial Boots

Leather grey aerial bootsboots are very popular with aerial artists, mainly because aesthetically they keep looking nice for a long time, they are easier to maintain and can be polished and wiped, the shiny surface reflects during performances. 

They can be slippery, on Hoop and Trapeze.  They are more recommended for aerial silks, rope, chains, where the surface is providing friction also. 



4 thoughts on “Gaiter Guide

  1. Hi I would like to order some vegan gaiters. I need them for protection in static trapeze so I’m interested in denim or lined pu leather please. I’m based in Australia do you ship to there?

    1. Hello Trish,

      I have just added some PVC and Denim Gaiters to the store for you, so these are available for order now, and yes we do ship to Australia.

      You can find them here: – Choose denim or PVC as both of these are suitable for vegans.

      If you would like vegan friendly boots custom made for you then please order here: – again you will need to choose either denim or PVC from the dropdown menu.


  2. Hello, I was interested in purchasing two pairs of vegan gaiters but could not find any on the site. How much would they be and do I need to send you measurements?


    1. Hello Lowri,

      I can make you some vegan boots this would be fine, I will email you re:measurements and ordering these – They are not available on the website because I don’t have any ready-made at the moment. 🙂 Will fire over message to you now.

      Thank you