Employer Ethics in the Circus

14/05/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
Employer Ethics in the Circus

Are there employer ethics in the circus world? Also, are they the same employer ethics expected in this day and age? This is a tough question but I think that problems in this area are not publicised very often.

The problem is that the employee does not want to hinder their chances of getting further work. Bringing a case against an employer creates lots of bad feelings and resent on both sides. As a knock on effect, even if the employee is in the right, it creates negative press about them too.

This popped up a couple of days ago. https://nypost.com/2019/05/11/celebrity-trapeze-artist-suing-producer-for-allegedly-cutting-her-performances/

Employer ethics in the circus. Is it pie in the sky? Trapeze picture
Are there employer ethics in the circus? Is it pie in the sky?

What do you think about this or have you had any experience of this? What is the best course of action?

Personally, I’ve heard of issues and people will talk about it in whispers but nothing is ever done. If people feel they can get away without paying, they will give it a go.

Just to make it clear what we offer, here are our terms and conditions. https://www.aerialboots.com/terms-and-conditions/ But I think you will find that we are very reasonable to work with and we will do your best to ensure that you can keep your circus fire going inside you.