Corde Lisse Performance

10/06/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
Corde Lisse Performance

Last weekend I did a corde lisse performance in a student showcase event at JD Aerial. It was a bit of a nightmare as I got very nervous! When I get nervous the rosin doesn’t get sticky and my legs shake!

I only usually do the stretch classes at JD so had gone along to an open session to try the rope. The rope was covered and thinner than what I usually use. I found I could do a marvellous toe climb and hock hang on it. But other moves I just fell out. Other moves needed practice to ensure they were safe.

Aerial rope pose
Strange roll down on rope

There was a theme…. it had to be related to Disney. Unfortunately I have no idea about Disney films as I avoid them at all costs. I used a song by one of my favourite artists, Down to the Sea by Tim Booth (from James) as thought I could relate it to little mermaid. My outfit was mermaid bikini set from Ebay worn over my leotard and shorts. I couldn’t wear leggings, tights or even my aerial boots as the rope was thin and I needed all the grip I could get.

Backwards roll down on rope at JD Aerial
Backwards Roll Down

As usual, I say that I won’t perform again due to the extreme nervousness but there is a new JD opening in Liverpool. I have said I will do another corde lisse performance. Watch this space!