Celebrating Bold Street

08/07/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
Celebrating Bold Street

Yesterday I went to the Celebrating Bold Street Festival in Liverpool. Yep, doesn’t sound the most fun of outings but in 2013 we went to this festival and it was where I discovered aerial circus.

At the time we had just gone for something to do with the kids. There was lots of stalls, crafts and down a side street CIRCUS! They had a portable rig along with a tightrope and ground based toys.

The kiddies were all having a go and my smallest wanted to do it too. I’ve just spent ages searching through my Facebook photos and found this photo. At the time I felt like a bad mum letting my little one do something dangerous.

Child on trapeze in street
Kat on a Trapeze in Bold Street Festival

Freefall Aerial Circus

So as I was waiting I asked if they did adult lessons. I was told yes, and at that time it was at a venue close to the centre of Liverpool. It took a few months before I was brave enough to go.

So I went to Freefall and the aerial circus bug started. It has been a long, slow journey as I had never done any gymnastics/sports before; I had no upper body strength, I couldn’t touch my toes and I was 36. Seemed like a bit of a crazy thing to put my body through.

Anyway, I kept going and trying. It took me three months to be able to do a basic climb on the silks. Looking back I must have been very determined but Nick and Barry (the circus teachers) were very supportive and patient.

When I first went, I thought I would love the trapeze as that is what I associate with the circus. However, it was rigged very high and was a bit scary. Now, I very rarely use the trapeze. I fell in love with the silks and this has now expanded to the rope. Sometimes I train a lot so I find I need to protect my feet which is how I came across Aerial Boots. I also find if I have a break from the rope for a while, my feet get soft and then damaged easily so I need to wear my gaiters.

So from going to the Celebrating Bold Street Festival, all the family has caught the circus bug. My eldest has reached almost teenager level with his attitude so refuses to do anything other than diablo. However my husband and daughter love aerial too.

Celebrating Bold Street 2019

This year the festival had a Bido Lito stage as well as lots of craft and food stalls. Lots of vegan food including cake so I was happy. They also had some street performers.

Street performers.

Hot Air Balloon Segways

Five people dressed as bees
Bee Street Theatre

I love these bees! We have seen them before and the kids have such fond memories. They swarm, do the conga with unsuspecting people and so much more. They really interact and capture the audience; we always follow them for ages. I love their costumes as they are so cute.

We had a lovely afternoon watching the entertainment and bands. There was also a free craft workshop which the kids spent ages at. Can’t wait until next year and we will be celebrating Bold Street again.