Celebrate Small Business Saturday

18/05/2019 2 By Livi Parkins

Celebrate small business Saturday! So while most people are enjoying the start of the weekend, for small businesses it is a reason to celebrate their existence. So much so, Saturday’s are a day to network, share and discover new small businesses. In today’s economic and political society, a surviving small business is something to be proud of.

I have decided that each week I will share this exciting day with you. There are so many independent businesses that deserve recognition and many exciting products that I didn’t even know existed.

About Aerial Boots

To start this off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Danielle and I own a small business. If you are reading this you will know that I make aerial boots! Just like this one pictured below.

Aerial Trapeze Boot. Red calf length boot with black lace up the back.

Aerial boots are mainly used when wanting to protect your feet. They are commonly most used on rope, trapeze and hoop. If you train on a piece of equipment for a long period of time, or more than once a week, feet get bruised, bashed and rubbed. The pain isn’t usually too bad, but it is enough to cause the session to end.

I make some ‘off the peg boots’, but most popular are the custom made ones. This means you can have the boots of your dreams. They fit perfectly to your feet and there is a great choice of materials including vegan friendly options of PVC and denim.

There is nothing better than a beautiful new pair of ‘shoes’ that fit perfectly. These boots are made to fit all parts of your feet and calf and several measurements are required. For more information see https://www.aerialboots.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/aerial-boot-size-chart.png

So this is me making an effort to celebrate small business Saturday! This has only really described what I do, tomorrow I will tell you more about how I got into making this. Please feel free to ask any questions!