Britain’s Got Talent Circus Exposure

13/05/2019 0 By Livi Parkins

It’s Monday already and the weekend went too quick. I’ve been spending time with the family and watching a bit of television. The highlight of the weekend was watching Britain’s Got Talent – Circus Exposure to the Nation.

This week there a duo called ‘Dust in the Wind’. They performed some artistic dance incorporating some great acrobatics. I’m amazed by their strength but disappointed he didn’t throw her around a bit more.

In case you missed this act on Britain’s Got Talent, have a look at this link

So what do you think about circus acts going on shows like this? I know some people think the artists are taken advantage of. Personally, I really enjoy watching them. I wish there would be more of the acts that I glimpse in the background.

Last week Britain’s Got Talent had some aerial acts. This week just the one circus act. I’m afraid to say that there just isn’t enough circus acts on it or on television. There was a peep at next week’s show and it looks as though there will be more circus on it. Fingers crossed!

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any beautiful aerial boots in the show this week. In case you are missing out, have a look at these beauties.

Britain's Got Talent Circus Exposure - no aerial circus this week
Britain’s Got Talent – No aerial boots this week.

Britain’s Got Talent – Circus Exposure to the Nation