Trapeze Boots with Black and White Glitter Stars

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Starry Trapeze Boots






Trapeze Boots with Glitter Stars!

Starry Boots for A Star Performer (who also enjoys a bit of glitter).

This is an original aerial boots design and as always with our bespoke range, only one will be made.

The glittery PVC we used to make the star appliques bounce light off really well, these will look great under the bright lights of stage performing, and everyone will be jealous of your new Aerialboots!

Train & Perform in comfort and style!

Each pair of boots that we produce is specific and unique. We carefully choose the most appropriate part of the hide for each pattern piece.

Our hides all come from local suppliers and are chosen especially with aerial boots in mind.

This means that we can make sure the right thicknesses to give both greatest comfort and greatest protection, leaving you totally free to concentrate on the important activities, like learning that new hang.

Genuine hand sewn construction, our boots come with triple stitched seams. We use Serafil threads –     the outstanding product for shoes and leather it has high seam strength and is the best for sewing performance with perfect stitch formation.

Ergonomically designed lacing system provides a secure tight fit around the leg whilst remaining comfortable to wear. Our boots feature rust-proof eyelets, that are sure to last as long as your gaiters do.

We use 3″ sports grade elastic to mould the gaiter to your exact arch shape. This is again triple stitched in using rot & water proof Serafil thread.

The boots will provide protection against the bumps, shin scrapes, grazes and all the other sometimes painful injuries that aerialist’s feet suffer.

If you are finding aerial work is hurting you or uncomfortable at times- then these boots will allow you heal whilst giving you the confidence to try those new moves out again or to train with a smile!

See your true potential as an aerialist – See what you can achieve without the fear of painful feet.

The laces will come in standard black however we now have spare laces available in different colours – feel free to add these too your order.

Gaiters from Aerial Boots all come in their own fabric carry case.

These will fit a small – medium foot and we can adjust the elastic as required.

Small UK Size : Arch 22-23 Ankle 19-21 Calf 29-33 (cm)

Medium UK Size : Arch 23-24 Ankle 21-24 Calf 33-37 (cm)

Please still fill in all measurement details on the checkout page .


We aim to dispatch all Aerial Boots within 3 business days of purchase, and we only use tracked delivery.

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