Amazing Zippos Circus

09/06/2019 0 By Livi Parkins
Amazing Zippos Circus

As I mentioned in a previous post, we went to see the amazing Zippos Circus lunchtime show at New Brighton. It was quite sad as not many people had gone, but the weather wasn’t great and it is always quiet here on a Sunday morning.

We’ve seen a few circuses here and Zippos Circus was one of the good ones. There was lots of aerial acts, acro-balance, acrobatics, juggling, whips, knife throwing, fire poi, foot juggling (including fire) and the motorbikes in the globe.

I’m not too keen on the clown parts of circuses, but the clown type character was good. The annoying clown act bit didn’t go on two long and he was instrumental in the show – lots of skills including juggling, acro and straps. (Sorry if I have offended anyone who loves clown acts. I’m only in it for the aerial.)

Aerial Acts


At the beginning there were two ladies on the silks. I was mesmerised by them as they were so synchronised. (I uploaded a video to the Facebook page this week.) Surprising that they threw in a dramatic foot drop dive so early in the routine, but then good moves kept coming. It was so good, I missed most of the floor acrobatics that were going on at the same time.

Two ladies on silks with acrobats on the floor.
Aerial Silks


Well what can I say other than I was impressed by the immense strength the two guys had. It looked good but I know how hard the moves they were doing are. They moved almost effortless – no gravity here!

Guy doing planch on straps.
Amazing Straps Strength

Straps Lady

There was also a lady who did the straps but did more silks types moves on them. She put her feet in the loops and did lots of moves and drops from this position. O.M.G. She was amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos or video.

Aerial Net

The lady on the aerial net was great. She used it more like a hammock rather than exploring the possibilities as a net. Amazing strength, flexibility and scary moves.

Aerial Net
Aerial Net

Zippos Circus Conclusion

Would I go and see Zippos Circus again? Yes I most certainly would if I had the money. It wasn’t the cheapest of circuses but it would have been worth going more than once. I loved it.

The whole show was put together well. Even the foot juggling table was a motorbike! There wasn’t any blow up characters. There was so much aerial, dangerous type acts and entertaining acts. The ringmaster was good too.

We’d been fortunate to attend the open house earlier in the week. The ringmaster introduced a few of the acts and we were able to ask questions. This was a great opportunity which we all loved.

Fire Foot Juggling
Fire Foot Juggling


There was also a budgie act but I don’t know how I feel about this from an animal welfare point of view. (Really don’t know.)