Aerialist Writing Job / Aerial Bloggers : Aerial Boots Needs You!

14/03/2017 Off By The Team at Aerial Boots
Aerialist Writing Job / Aerial Bloggers : Aerial Boots Needs You!

aerialist writing job

Aerialist Writing Job

We would like 10 articles authored (original material).

It can be one a week or all together and can be anything related to the aerial arts.

In return for this we will be giving our authors a pair of short training boots in their choice of colour!

I have been asked a few questions that could probably do with being put on here so these are a few things to note:

There is no deadlines per-se, I am hoping I can work with the authors on their own flexible time frames. I’d say no more than 2 weeks without an article though ideally I would like 1 per week.

I would like articles to spark the interest of aerialists – so they keep reading and it will give the site a more personal edge i think.

Topics really can be anything to with aerial art so maybe you could do different aerial moves you have been learning or would like to learn?

Possible ideas for routines and/ or costumes (i like this idea because i want to get in to making costumes now aerial boots is my full time job).

Maybe you are going to learn something new and could do a series of posts depicting your journey through the new endeavour?

You can review aerial videos or routines not overly critically of course as we want to encourage people of all abilities, but maybe you have seen a routine you want to share etc. ?

I am not sure, but those are just some ideas off the top of my head –  but you can think outside the box with it and do like how aerial effects fitness levels, how it can improve depression etc?

The main reason that i am not writing these articles myself is because i am not an aerialist – I just design and sew ???? and love watching aerialists.


I want the passion for it to shine through in articles though and i didn’t want to bluff or kid my customers  so i thought i would employ real aerialists to do the articles.

Authors will be signed up to my website and will be able to write and edit their own posts as they see fit, I will just need to approve the first one and then you will be good to go.

I hope that I can find a few who might want to do it regularly after they have done their 10 articles, but this will be discussed after the original contract.

If you could write the start of a draft article maybe 200 words – that would be great, so I may see your writing style and have something to look at whilst deciding who would be the best fit for our site.



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