Custom Leather Aerial Trapeze Boots

Interview with an Aerialist: Katheryn Brown

Katheryn “Kaz” Brown is a performer hailing from the UK’s good-old West Country. She has a background in Performance and in Education, but her real passion lies in the Circus Arts. Kaz has been lucky enough to have trained with and bonded with some of the top aerialists in Europe through her many visits to Circus Conventions. She attends Spinning@ (London’s largest social juggling meet up group) where she enjoys socialising.. Read More

It’s hip to be square: keeping your hips square, legs straight and toes pointed

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“Bad habits are easier to prevent than to break. “ – Benjamin Franklin When doing aerial classes, chances are you will hear a nagging voice from somewhere in the room reminding you to straighten your legs, point your toes or to keep your hips square. It might seem like an annoying little detail that you want to ignore while you concentrate on what movement comes next because who cares how.. Read More

First Look at Our Aerial Trapeze Boots in The Greatest Showman!

aerial trapeze boots greatest showman

    Very excited to announce – now that the pictures have been released – We have worked with 20th Century Foxes costume designers on the upcoming Hollywood circus movie!  We produced and sent all of the gaiters for the production, for the actors and stunt doubles, males and females. AND THEY LOOK AMAZING – as you can see below! This is Zendayah in some gold boots we made especially.. Read More

Interview with an Aerialist: Phoebe Knight

Phoebe Knight talks to us about her transition from dancer to aerialist, her favorite circus skills, and her coffee addiction.  You go to “circus school”, is that correct? I started circus classes during my dance training, to learn something physically exciting and fun, without having to think about meaning. After a couple of years of taking evening classes every so often in flying trapeze, and then Chinese Pole, I decided to.. Read More

There was an Old Lady who Lived in a Hoop: Beginning Aerial as an Adult

It is no secret to anyone that the younger you are, the easier it is to learn new skills; language for example. I once taught a kid who spoke five languages. Five. Most of my students could barely speak one! The younger you start, the easier it is, and the same can be said for circus skills. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try though. I didn’t discover my love of.. Read More

Surprise yourself: what happens when you step out of your comfort zone

“If you want something in your life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something, you’ve never done.” JD Houston I recently went to a summer circus program for professional and pre-professional circus performers. All the trainers were well educated; most of them went through the circus school in Montreal and had performed with companies like Cirque de Soleil, 7 fingers and the Cirque Éloize. As you can probably imagine,.. Read More

Easy Peasy Lemon Trapeze-y: My Flying Trapeze Lesson with Gorilla Circus

I pass through Regent’s Park frequently, especially in the summer. The smells, the sounds and the sights of the park are a delightful reminder of how pleasant the overly crowded capital can be. On this day however, something had changed; something was different. Where there usually sat couples kissing, and children playing frisbee, instead there were people nonchalantly flying through the air as if it was the most normal thing to happen on.. Read More

Aerialist Writing Job / Aerial Bloggers : Aerial Boots Needs You!

aerial blogger job

Aerialist Writing Job We would like 10 articles authored (original material). It can be one a week or all together and can be anything related to the aerial arts. In return for this we will be giving our authors a pair of short training boots in their choice of colour! I have been asked a few questions that could probably do with being put on here so these are a.. Read More

Sponsoring UK Aerial Championships

sponsoring uk aerial championships

Sponsoring the UK Aerial Championships     We are pleased to announce that we are going to be a sponsor of the 2017 UK Aerial Championships.   We will be attending the Midlands auditions with our boots and we also hope to be at the final in Lincolnshire.   As well as trophies and eternal kudos the overall winners will also receive a custom pair of our boots. Vouchers are.. Read More

Bralet Prototype

So we are working on a leather bralet to go with the gaiters and hopefully creating a full aerial outfit to wear during performances that can be customised for theme performances.  This is our first draft – there will be more to come ! 

2016 Ending Soon…

2016 Comes to an End! Speeeech! – Well okay then! It has been a crazy 2016 for Aerial Boots! This post is a little goodbye to 2016 and a tip of the hat to 2017 – which is set up to be another busy year full of beautiful boots! Here are some of our favourites from the year!   Black Friday …..  Was interesting!   We didn’t fully appreciate how many.. Read More

Custom Boots : How to Measure

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Measuring for Custom Boots A guide to measuring for custom boots. Measurement Locations for Custom Sized Aerial Boots are marked in pink in the image here.   When placing the tape measure around your leg make sure you are standing on your leg, not sitting.  Do not make the tape measure too tight. This goes for all measurements. Please leave measurements in the Order Notes section We ask for the.. Read More

Gift Cards for Our Boutique.

Gift cards now available. Aerial Boots are offering Gift Cards for your loved ones. The gift card will be sent by Email to the purchaser, or can be sent by us to the recipient. The gift cards can be used against any products in our boutique and do not expire. Thank you. The Aerial Boots Team x

Aerial Boot Giveaway

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Aerial Boot Giveaway Aerial Boot Giveaway – Share and Subscribe to enter!   All you have to do to enter is Subscribe to our mailing list (This is easiest because often sharers are missed if settings are not public) and Share (facebook), Share (Twitter), Shar….er, Pin on Pinterest. The Aerialist will receive the full length “Queen of Hearts Gaiters” Pictured above, with a carry case. If they will not fit (they are between.. Read More

Lyra Show Boots : New Stockists

Lyra Show Boots : New Stockists We are pleased to announce that we are the official stockists for Just Bobbing Along’s Lyra Show Boots & Aerial Gaiters. All of our aerial trapeze boots are handmade with quality materials. We now offer a range of vegan friendly options as well as leather and suede boots. Trapeze gaiters are excellent for trapeze bar, lyra, aerial silks and other activities such as ropes and.. Read More