Aerial Lessons in School

24/07/2019 Off By Livi Parkins
Aerial Lessons in School

Aerial lessons in school? Am I hearing right? I feel old as I have to say ‘we didn’t have that in my day’. Actually, I was only aware of aerial circus lessons about five years ago as mentioned in a previous blog so certainly couldn’t imagine having circus so accessible.

Breaking news – schools can be fun. Well this school is! I got all excited and thought they were going to be part of the normal school curriculum. Turns out it is just a summer school but classes will be run in the autumn. The options are there for the children and planting the imagination of circus is priceless.

From the article I thought it was flying trapeze but they had used a stock photo and it will be the usual aerial apparatus in use.

The music teacher is in charge of this Ms Buckley said: “In using the trapeze, silks, rope and hoop, it’s a different discipline with coordination, flexibility, strength and self-control at the heart of these skills.

“It is a combination of sport and art and really can boost self-esteem while developing understanding and respect and self-confidence.”

If you would like more information about this story, find it here. This is great news and I hope that there will be more aerial lessons in school environments; it will encourage more people to get into circus. The benefits are immense for the participants.