Circus Endurance – MAAC 2019

05/05/2019 0 By Livi Parkins

Find out the secret of lasting circus endurance.

This weekend is the highlight of my circus calendar. Manchester Aerial and Acrobatics Convention 2019. The event is comprised of two and a half days of aerial lessons.

The equipment available is superb. Great health and safety precautions. All the teachers are helpful and friendly. The environment is safe, supportive and non-judgemental. Everyone wants to learn new skills.

Sounds amazing! Yes it is so much fun. Until the second day of the convention when your whole body feels sore. By the Sunday, your body feels broken. Bruises everywhere and all muscles are sore. Hands are like claws and can’t move. Feet are lacking a lot of skin.

The second time I went I’d taken precautions. I had gloves for holding on to the hoop. However, I’d forgotten to take my aerial trapeze boots. (Which I usually wear in a 90 minute lesson.)

Unfortunately I mostly took rope, trapeze, hoop, silks and cloud swing classes. Without my boots, my feet were bruised and raw. I have learnt my lesson that aerial boots help circus endurance.

I am pleased people post pictures and videos because there are so may classes that I couldn’t fit in my schedule. It’s great to see what’s going on in the other classes! For more information, look at:

Don’t forget we sell some lovely, funky aerial gaiters. These are suitable for vegans.

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Please comment and tell about your favourite circus events. We’d love to hear what else we could get up to.

Definitely look out for Maactober 2019. I will be wearing my aerial boots! There is nothing worse than not being able to join in.

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