About Us

About Us

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We make leather, suede and vegan-friendly boots for aerial artists across the globe.

We have been making trapeze boots for many years now and have worked with an array of artists to find out what each aerial discipline needs, and how best to facilitate it with each style of boot.

We are committed to making safe, supportive and beautiful boots that will ensure you can perform at your best, in comfort whilst looking absolutely amazing.

We specialise in film, theatre, circus and production company gaiters.

We work with designers and producers to make custom boots for films and performances –  We have recently worked with 20th century fox to produce all the aerial boots for The Greatest Showman which will be out in December, all boots for actors and stunt doubles were made by us.

If you would like us to work with you on custom gaiters for your performance or troop please contact our company director Danielle Jones at danielle@aerialboots.com

We love to hear comments and take on board all suggestions so if there is a style of boot we don’t make that you would like to see in our store please let us know.

Our Gaiter Guide has advice on which types of gaiters are best for individual aerial activities, and our Measuring Guide can help with exactly where you need to measure.

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